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Be the office hero this christmas

Last Christmas was… Well, it was fine, wasn’t it. A bit limited. A bit lowkey. Let’s be honest, we were all feeling too shell-shocked by 2020 to really get into it.

But: it did the job. It was fine. 6/10.

Christmas 2021, though? That’s set to be a knees-up for the history books. Feels like people are hyped for a proper barnstormer of a Yule. So this year, treat your team to an office Christmas meal that’s way more colourful and memorable than the usual pre-party meh.

Tampopo’s biggest and brightest Christmas menu ever offers two courses at £16.95 a head, or three at £19.95 a head. There’s a choice of five starters, six mains, and our entire dessert menu is up for grabs – and there’s a similarly varied alternative menu for vegans, too.

Pad Thai, Nasi Goreng, Ramen Soup, Katsu Curry… An all-star line-up of Tampopo faves are on offer. Click the link below to see the full menu.

Plus, as a cheeky bonus, whoever books an office Christmas meal at Tampopo for more than 10 people will get a whopping 50% discount on a meal with drinks for up to four people, at any time throughout January. An extra little gift from your street-food Santa.

Let’s make Christmas 2021 something special. We can’t wait to celebrate with you!


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