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Spice level

EdamameVegan 4.50
Sea salt or sesame chilli oil and sea salt

Vegan Sharing Platter (For Two) 14.95
Spring Rolls, Sticky Tofu, Corn Fritters, Jackfruit Rendang & Roti Slices and Smacked Cucumber Salad
(Extra portion 7.50 per person)

Some of East Asia’s favourite street snacks.
Choose 2-3 dishes per person or share lots with friends

Spring Rolls 5.95
Lightly fried, served with a hoisin and peanut dip.

Corn Fritters 6.50
With a sweet and sour peanut dip

Sticky Tofu 6.25
Crispy fried tofu with sesame and a sweet soy and chilli glaze

Smacked Cucumber in a Sesame Soy DressingVegan Mild Spicy 3.95
With a sesame soy dressing and toasted sesame seeds

Wok-fried Greens 4.95

Meals for Manchester 2.00
Buy a meal for people sidelined by poverty.
#eatwelldogood See www.eatwellmcr.org for more.

Tasty, fresh and delicious
Add Tofu for £2

Japanese Salad 5.95
Chinese leaf, lamb’s lettuce, shredded cucumber & carrot, radish, pickled ginger in a sesame and ginger soy dressing

The Tampopo House Specials
All served with Jasmine Rice, except Soups

Pad Krapow KhaiHot12.25
Tofu and Thai Basil in a fiery sauce, stir-fried with fine beans, red chillies and red peppers.

Tamarind Tofu 11.95
Slices of tofu in a zesty tamarind sauce, served on a bed of Asian greens and topped with fried onion flakes.

Jackfruit RendangMedium Spicy
Slow cooked in coconut, chilli, shallots, galangal and lemongrass.
Served with roti slices, cucumber, sambal, caramelised coconut flakes & peanuts

Katsu Udon SoupMild Spicy11.95
Sweet potato in a panko breadcrumb in a delicious katsu curry soup and udon noodles.

Rice based stir fry

Thai Fried-Rice 10.95
Fine beans, mushrooms, pineapple, Thai basil & peanuts

Black Pepper Stir FryMedium Spicy9.95
Sweet peppery tofu stir-fried with chilli and mushrooms. Served with Jasmine Rice.

Chilli Lemongrass Stir FryMedium Spicy 11.95
Tofu, red peppers, red chillies, lemongrass & onions. Served with Jasmine rice

Noodles stir-fries and hearty noodle soups

Pad Thai 1195
Sour-sweet rice noodles with Asian greens, tofu, beansprouts, roasted peanuts and lime

Yaki Udon 9.95
Chunky noodles with fresh vegetables and soy & mirin sauce

Singaporean Vermicelli Noodles 11.50
Fresh vegetables with a mild curry flavour

Ramen Soup 10.95
With noodles, Asian greens, braised bamboo strip and nori

Wok-fried Hokkien or Udon Noodles 3.40
Jasmine or Sticky Rice 2.40
Flaky Flatbread (Roti) 1.95

Mango Sorbet 4.75
Premium quality, made with real mango. Smooth, refreshing, simple.

Pick ‘n’ Mix Mochi Balls
Delicious ice cream in a thin sweet rice casing. Ask your server for flavours
Three Mochi Balls 4.50
Six Mochi Balls 8.00