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Eating our delicious food isn’t just a treat for your taste buds; you can enjoy a very special Tampopo dish with the added satisfaction of knowing you’re helping to save lifes!
In 2016, thanks to customers slurping on our Vietnamese Pho noodle soup, we raised an amazing £2,567 for MAG (Mines Advisory Group).
Through a charitable partnership – launched in 2015 with MAG – every time a portion was sold we donated 50p to help the charity remove and destroy deadly unexploded bombs in countries where communities have been devastated by war.
Over the last 2 years Tampopo has donated more than £4,400 to MAG.
Now, we hope tucking into a plate of chicken, red peppers, lemongrass and onions in oyster sauce can become equally successful at raising money: since introducing our new menu last month, it’s the turn of our tasty Chilli Chicken Lemongrass to give families across the world a brighter future.
With support from donors like us, in 2016 MAG was able to:
• Make 47 million square metres of land safe from landmines and unexploded bombs, so it can be farmed and developed.
• Remove and destroy more than 90,000 deadly landmines, booby traps and unexploded bombs so they could no longer injure or kill people.
• Deliver risk education sessions, helping people to stay safe until the land is cleared of danger.
• Cut up thousands of guns, taking them out of circulation for good.
mag2 march 2017
MAG is currently operational in Angola, Burkina Faso, Cambodia, Chad, Cyprus, Democratic Republic of Congo, Iraq, Laos, Lebanon, Mali, Myanmar, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Somalia, South Sudan, Sri Lanka and Vietnam.
Sarah Tavener, MAG Fundraising Manager, said: “In 2016 Tampopo customers raised an incredible amount! With your support MAG have been able to benefit over ONE MILLION men, women and children allowing them to live free from fear!
“Simply by ordering a Vietnamese Pho customers have contributed towards making over 47 million square metres of land safe, to enable communities to rebuild their lives.
“Now Tampopo is supporting MAG through the sale of the Chilli Chicken Lemongrass – why not try it and help to save lives and build futures around the world!”
Co-Founder of Tampopo, David Fox, added: “We’re delighted to support MAG. Their teams do amazing things to help saves lives in the world’s poorest counties, where communities are under threat from the effects of war.”
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So next time you’re in Tampopo, wondering what to choose from the menu, think how you can help transform the lives of men, women and children just by enjoying your lunch!
Photos (C) Sean Sutton/MAG

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