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East Street by Tampopo restaurants are serving an inspired cuisine from Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia and Japan.

Our menu is made up of the best pan-Asian street food and signature dishes from across East Asia, with a fantastic variety of flavours and textures that we found in the various cuisines of the countries that we visited and fell in love with.

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Choose from light snacks washed down with authentic Asian beers, Asian influenced cocktails, refreshing wines and soft drinks.
Our selection of small plates, salads and greens – some of East Asia’s favourite street snacks – can be shared with friends or enjoyed on your own.

If you’re vegetarian or vegan, look for the dishes marked and .

Spicy food is marked with and goes up to !

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Our Story

Like the traders and adventurers before us, we’ve travelled all over East Asia to bring back our favourite dishes for you to try. We’ve recreated the flavours and aromas traditionally found at the eternally bustling street-markets of Bangkok and Hanoi, the hawker stalls of Singapore and the noodle vendors of Tokyo. And just like in kitchens across East Asia, we make our sauces and stocks here every day from the freshest market produce.


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